Tina Specializes in Olcc and Lottery Licensing

Tina will assist Buyers in obtaining said licenses and walk Buyers through the process from start to finish. Tina will assist the Applicant through the entire process from start to finish. There are many “balls in the air” with the licensing process as each license will require different documentation and full disclosure. There are several pieces to completing the licensing packets from setting up legal entities, insurance, sales reports, lease assignments, sales contracts, City approval, floors plans and other documents they will require. Tina is familiar with the rules and requirements and will make this a smooth process.

It is very important for a person applying for an OLCC license or a Lottery contract to have their paperwork filled out properly and have all of the additional paperwork to present with their packet.

NEWS: 177-045-0035: Temporary Pause on Additional Video Lottery Retailer Locations

Wiltsey & Associates - Lottery & OLCC Consulting
Wiltsey & Associates - Lottery & OLCC Consulting

If an applicant is denied a temporary Lottery contract they may have to close their transaction without the Lottery machines. The applicant may then decide to continue the process and apply for the permanent contract. If they are not approved for the contract they are not able to apply again for a Lottery contract for one year after the denial of that application.

Tina can also assist Sellers in obtaining an OLCC license or a Lottery Contract for their current location or a brand new location. A location must have an OLCC license to apply for the Oregon Lottery.

​2020 Contract Renewals

  • 5 year contract
  • Now is the time to sell your business
  • New contract starts June 28th

Commission Structure

Traditional Lottery Retailers:
Receive a flat 8% commission rate.

Video Lottery Retailers:
Receive a dollars-played commission structure.

New Dollars Played Commission Structure

Dollars Played RangeRate
$0 - $2,250,0002.2%
$2,250,000 - $4,000,000 1.75%
$4,000,000 - $6,500,0001.5%