Buying a restaurant or Bar can be a daunting task. We have the skills and experience to help you through and process for a successful outcome.

We’ve been providing brokerage services for 32 years which allows us the ability to offer our invaluable expertise to buyers or sellers when making a life changing investment in their future. Along with extensive experience in buying and selling bars, restaurants and other OLCC and lottery locations, Tina also brings the irreplaceable experience of owning her own bar and restaurant for the last 38 years.

​We can help you find the perfect location to suit your needs and experience level. We will assist you in the purchasing process and assure that you are protected as a Buyer. We will walk you through your transaction from start until finish to assure your purchase is a smooth one. We will also assist you in the OLCC licensing and Lottery Application Process to make sure the process is smooth and completed in a timely manner.

Things you will need to purchase a business:

  1. A signed non disclosure agreement. (Download PDF)
  2. Current credit report from
  3. Current Financial. (Download PDF)
  4. Verification of funds: bank statement, retirement account, loan documents or gift funds.
Wiltsey & Associates - Buying a Restaurant or Bar

For New Buyers