I wanted to take a moment to thank Tina for all the work she did on getting us into our third restaurant. We have been friends for some time and I knew she sold restaurants and lottery. My perception was that her work was similar to that of other real estate agents. Boy was I off base! She does so much more, I couldn’t see us doing as well as we are without her. First she found us the right property. She then helped us through the purchase which was not without many hurdles. She always had an answer and if not she found an answer and solution, She showed that we could purchase the business and keep the lottery and not mis a day of sales. I have friends that have been waiting for over 13 months for lottery and still are not approved. She has been doing this so long that all her connections call her back immediately. I would have waited weeks for calls to e returned and even longer for answers. Her knowledge of the OLCC laws and permits saved us. She is not just an agent but a specialist in her field. She saved me time and had our place ready to operate on the date of the sell. This was by far the best opening of all three of our restaurants.