I recently became the proud owner of the Capital Taproom in Salem, OR. Prior to purchasing this business, I had absolutely zero knowledge or experience in entrepreneurship, just a dream of owning my own business someday. Tina at Wiltsey & Associates Inc. made this dream a reality. To say that she HELPED THROUGHOUT THE PROCESS is a grave understatement. From the first phone call, where she identified my situation and experience, to the final closing documents, she was a WEALTH OF INFORMATION AND ADVICE. She helped narrow down which business was right for me, she helped in getting my LLC established, she gave me direction with a business plan, she helped with all of the paperwork, she made contacts with me at the OLCC, making that process significantly easier, she acted as the intermediary between myself and the previous owners, and most of all, she made me FEEL COMFORTABLE AND CONFIDENT throughout the entire process. She even answered calls and emails while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta to ensure that everything went smoothly. Whether you’re buying your first business or your 100th, I can’t recommend Tina high enough. She’ll be my first call if I ever plan on selling the business and she’ll definitely be my first if I plan on owning another. I can’t say thank you enough to Tina Wiltsey and Associates.